Friday, February 8, 2008

Professor Dingbat

This was not a happy blog. Lots of angry bunnies went into this.


I have a lot of problems with my dingbat American Government professor, one of which I find impossible to tolerate. Sure, the man never covers coursework during class, instead deciding to use his paid time to spew hate on all things conservative or traditional, while justifying our wasted time by informing us that we have a textbook for a reason, and to read it if we hope to pass the exams... because he sure the hell isn't covering the coursework. Annoying as THAT is, it's not my pressing complaint. That'd be too simple and expected. No, I have a pretty high tolerance for people like him who spew political hate, surprisingly.

My beef is this:

The man makes a mockery of higher powers and religion, organized or otherwise, every chance he can get. He's not simply critical as so many people are, he's outright HOSTILE. To make it that much more unbearable, he does impressions of made-up ministers, and his caricatures of them aren't even GOOD ones. The only area he comes close to touching is with his execution of a Southern accent. Otherwise, he's way out in left field. You'd think the man with all the degrees could at least get his effing doctrines straight.

When he said that Conservatives love religion because it helps to self-govern, he proved his point by saying Christian leaders use worse scare tactics to keep people in line than law enforcement can:

"You're thinking about crossing that line? You're considering being different... and not doing what we tell you to? Oh no... don't you worry; you don't have to worry about jail. Nah! And don't you worry 'bout no fines or trial... oh no... it's MUCH WORSE - if you cross that line you's gunna burn in HELL!"

I raised my hand and asked him exactly which denomination(s) he was talking about, as I had never known any REAL ministers to ever preach in that manner. What was his response?

"Well look at the PURITANS!"

I actually laughed out loud.

The Puritans?

Okay then, the Puritans it is. With their southern accents and all.

On another occasion he loosely related religious ideology to the supposed idea that Christians have a faulted idea that Jesus is a cure-all, by quoting some imaginary minister as saying the following:

"You say your wife left you? Well I'll tell you why - it's 'cause you ain't right wit Jesus! Your dog died?!? Well my friend... you ain't right with Jesus!! You lost your job... sure 'nough, you must not be right with Jesus!"

I asked him what denomination he was speaking of... because I certainly had never heard anything like THAT in my entire life.

"Oh, you know... those Baptist ministers and such..."

"I was raised Baptist. They don't talk anything like that, and nor does any other major protestant religion I know of."

"Well I was exaggerating a little to make a point..."

"Grossly exaggerating."

"Well my point was...."

"I get your point perfectly."

...I just don't think it should be at the expense of a religion's dignity.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A New Day

I had a revelation recently. Not the sort with singing angels and clouds that rain down fire and brimstone, but a sudden realization that I was happy to finally receive.

I suppose I should probably blog about what that realization was, but where's the mystery in that?

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