Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect Prints for Little Winn's Room!

Decorating Little Winn's room as proven to be one of the single most exciting things I've ever done. Holding something tangible helps me connect with him/her, and the challenge of decorating for a child of unknown gender (and age, to a degree) has been quite the enjoyable challenge!

With exception to a few flexible details (which are at the mercy of what treasures Craigslist, Goodwill, and the DI can offer me between now and this spring), the entire "nursery" has been decided upon, and is coming together nicely.

My most recent purchase sums up the general vibe of Little Winn's rockin' pad, and I couldn't be more excited to display such adorable art to celebrate their heritage.

I purchased them from Cowface, a small seller on Etsy. I'm in LOVE.

They shipped yesterday. :-)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Scary Business :-(

It's 6:41am and I'm doing homework. I have been for 40 minutes.
More history homework, as usual. It's my favorite.

But... can I just vent for one tiny moment?

Having to pretend I agree with the depressingly immoral passages in my textbooks just to earn a good grade makes me wish I could be attending a private Christian university SO badly sometimes.

(on the sexual revolution in the 1920s:)
"...There was also a modest increase in premarital sexual intercourse, made possible by...(contraceptives - more text than I'm willing to type). But sexual intercourse usually took place between partners who assumed they would marry. Importantly, the marriage they looked forward to was a romantic/sexual union in which both husband and wife had equal rights to sexual satisfaction. Effective contraception transformed sex from merely "propagative act" to a "spiritual avenue of expression." In this way, the new woman of the 1920s, though freer sexually, continued to focus on romance, marriage, and family."

I'll try not to be too whiney here, and I'm not trying to suggest that this textbook is evil or overly-opinionated (thought I could make a pretty good case based on some other chapters...) but it kills me is that all of my homework is centered around the assumption that I agree with the text.

I do my job, and I give the teacher what he wants. To get the best grade, I fake it.

In the past, I've attempted to tactfully and gently add my personal opinion in... but it is both time consuming and detrimental to my grade.

Also, on a slightly related note: I leave my house for work within 2 minutes of the elementary children being picked up at their bus stop. The stop is DIRECTLY in front of my house. Nearly every morning, I overhear a variety of profanities and explicit topics being discussed.
....by 9 year olds.
And I don't live in a rough neighborhood.

Yet another reason to consider homeschooling, I guess. :-/

Being in the world is scary business sometimes.

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