Thursday, May 27, 2010


We're not moving!

Donald's orders have been fixed.
Our home sweet home, here in Washington, shall remain our home sweet home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Army sure knows how to keep things exciting.

It's entirely too complicated to fully explain, but suffice it to say that the Army made a clerical oopsie, and Donald's orders to return to Fort Lewis after the deployment have been deleted. Most likely, the error will be amended, and we'll enjoy a few years together in Washington, here in our new house.

But... with the military, that "slightly less likely" chance of us moving is still an "actually very likely" one, and we'd be relocating within the next 2 months. Where? Who knows.

Like I said, we'll probably stay put. The odds are overwhelmingly in our favor... but I felt the urge to blog the situation. Why? Because crazy possibilities like this are an every day part of being an Army wife. I'm not complaining, honestly. Sure, a potential move would delay the adoption by another couple months (due to homestudy complications), but I'd welcome the wild adventure. When I married Donald, I did so knowing that the Army could move us as frequently as they wanted, and that for the next 15 years (roughly 10, now) our time spent together could, and would, be severely compromised. I said "I do" knowing full well what the risks were. The benefits(having him for a husband) have far outweighed those hardships, and the Army has always (okay, usually) taken care of us. If they want to move us... so be it! I just hope we can find renters!

Donald and I have lived together for less than 2 years of the 4 years and 2 months that we've been married. So long as we're in the same house, geographic location is small potatoes at this point.

We'll see! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Emoes

If there are two things I've learned in the last 3 years, they are this:

1.) If I stay up late, I get emo.
Not the next day, for lack of sleep. No, I get less and less pleasant as the night drags on. If I'm up late, 80% of the time I'm doing nothing productive, and I start thinking too much. Every additional, unnecessary minute spent in the waking makes me progressively unhappier.

2.) If I start getting emo, I need to go to bed.
I never fail to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next day.

...Okay, so they're essentially one in the same. Listing them separately just illustrates how very true and important of statements they are though.
It's after 11pm (abnormally late for this old girl), and I'm missing Donald more than usual. Only one more month-ish of this deployment to go! Not long at all, whee!
I have heaps of homework to do this weekend, a Relief Society lesson to plan, and WAY too much housework to even mention.
Bedtime, before I get a full-blown case of the emoes!

Tomorrow brings me one day closer to the hottest dang soldier in the U.S. Army... eep! :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shopping Complications

However trivial it may be, one of the most difficult aspects of Ukrainian adoption is that you don't specifically know the age or gender of the child until you arrive in country (at which point you are presented with several profiles of potential matches, much like you would normally do prior to traveling, with other countries). It's not like we don't have a say in things, but between the Ukrainian system and God's will... we could come home with just about anything, haha!
All we know is that Little Winn will be somewhere between 12 months and 5 years old.

So... pacifiers or preschool? Time will only tell! We'll be thrilled with either, but my obsessive compulsive planning/online-shopping has become a bit more complicated lately.

Thus far, these are the only safe purchases I've decided on, as they will be appropriate for any child in our age category.

1. A Britax Boulevard car seat (or seat with similar capabilities and features).
I've already decided to keep my kids rear-facing for as long as possible. It's far safer, and I'm cool with swimming against the cultural stream on this issue. The seat rear-faces to 35 pounds, so a 1-3ish year old would be well protected. It can then be used forward-facing, with 5 point restraints, to 65 pounds. As I also plan to keep my kids "locked down" in 5-points longer than most, a seat like this will work for any child in the age range we've applied for.

2. Toddler Bed. I googled crib mattress measurements. I also consulted a CDC growth chart. Any normal 1-5 year old will fit in one nicely. I know, I'm obsessive. I have extra time on my hands with Donald still deployed... so go easy on the judging ;-) . If we get a squirmy 1 year old, we'll pick up a pack n play. We also have a twin bed in the craft room, so if Little Winn turns out to be a gargantuan kindergartner, we're equally set.

The inability to fulfill my insatiable shopping-itch is a good thing. It forces me to keep things simple, and to keep pinching those precious pennies.

...because seriously, when Little Winn gets here, we're going to the mall, and staying until they kick us out. That requires lots of pinched pennies, I'll tell you what.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Addition: Coming Soon! (edited on 1/23/11 for privacy)

(The country we're adopting from prefers that they remain anonymous until after finalization. For privacy reasons, I've gone through and edited things accordingly.)

Donald and I are thrilled to announce that we're adopting from eastern Europe! We've just started collecting documents and completing the mountains of paperwork, so we're still very early in the process. I debated for a while whether or not to go public now, or to wait... but ultimately I decided that there was NO way I could keep this much joy to myself. I stink at happy secrets.

So if, by chance, you've seen me bouncing around and full of smiles lately, you now know why!

We still have so much to accomplish, but the thought of our European angel coming home to us makes it all worth while. From start to finish, adoptions from this country usually take between 9-12 months. If that timeline holds true for us (things can easily change for the better, or for the worse) we should be bringing our kiddo home in early spring of 2011.

I've started a blog devoted to the progress of our adoption. You can find it at *blog removed*.
It will be heavy on technical aspects (forms, timelines, legalities, requirements, etc.), as I'm hoping to track things for the benefit of other families hoping to adopt.

All the warm and fuzzy bits will still be found here, though... so stay tuned!

We humbly ask that you keep us, and our baby, in your prayers. He or she has already spent too much of their life in an orphanage, and we're hoping to bring our "Little Winn" home as soon as humanly possible.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad Week, Good Week... Works For Me!

Last week was bad. Just terrible.

I accidentally answered one very important question wrong in an essay for one of my classes (similar to "2+2=5". Yup, one of those type of inexplicable mistakes), which brought my grade down from a hard-earned 4.0 to a 3.7.

One afternoon, in the hours between my normal morning shift and an evening shift I was covering for a co-worker... my car broke down. Yup, my 2008 Prius WOULDN'T start.
This wouldn't have been so catastrophic if I wasn't parked in the Steele Lake Park parking lot with my windows rolled down. I couldn't just leave it there. :-(
Thankfully, the dealership paid for the tow-truck and rental car, and my boss was nice about me being late. The next day, however, they couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with my vehicle. It was working just fine! I've decided that it's a temperamental hippie, hell-bent on making my life difficult.

Many other miserable things happened last week. Some self-created, some acts of God, and some just rotten luck. No more of which I'll continue to complain about here.

This week is different. This week is a glorious, bright shinning light of happiness and hope. This week, NOTHING can get me down. And I mean nothing.

I'll be blogging a little later about what makes this week so fantastic, so check back soon.

Ultimately, I've decided that bad weeks are necessary to balance out the really good ones. Life just wouldn't be fair of God allowed EVERY week to be as great as this one is cracking up to be.

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