Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Best Four Years

Yesterday was our 4th Anniversary....

Can I just say that I am one darn lucky woman?

I mean really, how could you NOT love that face?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Same Old Stuff

Life is the same as usual.

Donald's still deployed to the middle east.

I'm working and going to school part time. The quarter ends on Monday. I couldn't be happier. I really hate drawing. A lot. I've actually turned out to be pretty good at it... I just find it to be tedious and pointless.

Next quarter I'm going full time. We'll see how that goes with work and commuting.

I mailed out our tax return without a very vital home document to verify our eligibility for the home buyers tax credit... so my furniture-buying shopping spree has been dramatically delayed.

The website for making claims for damaged household goods (from when we moved) was down for several days. I drove to Fort Lewis trying to make a claim for the thousands of dollars worth of damage. Donald was gone and couldn't help. I filled out some paperwork. Apparently I didn't fill out all the right paperwork. Long story short... I didn't get our claim submitted in time. We won't see a dime.

I went to the ComiCon in Seattle today. It was fun. That's a happy change.
...until I deleted EVERY picture on the camera (by accident). Nearly a full Gigabyte worth of pictures from the last several months - gone. Then the printers at ComiCon weren't working right, and we didn't get copies of our picture with LEONARD freakin NIMOY so I have to drive up to Seattle tomorrow after church (over an hour) to pick them up.
When I came home and started uploading the few pictures we took AFTER the catastrophe, I then managed to...
delete my ENTIRE iPhoto library. ALL the pictures I had on my computer are GONE. FOREVER... because I apparently didn't have the Time Machine set up right. How I deleted the entire library, I have NO FREAKIN IDEA.

It's Girl Scout cookie season, and I have a clinical addiction to Thin Mints.

I'm dieting. The Thin Mints complicate this.

We still have no kids.

I'm still commuting 15 hours a week, not including time spent for leisure and errands.

Mom helped me build raised garden beds last week, but I haven't had the time/ability to go get soil. my seedlings for the early crop stunted in their trays.

I've gotten pale.

My car did the opposite of breaking down this week. It decided NOT to turn off and I missed a day of work (after already missing two days the same week because I was sick) because I had to take it to the dealership.
So I called in sick/absent to work for the first time EVER... and then TWICE MORE... in the same week.

I hate going to church alone in our new ward... so I don't. I've only decided to go tomorrow because I need to turn in tithing. That's the only excuse/motivation I've found to keep me going every month or so.

I'm staying mindlessly busy until Donald comes back, and I've been decently productive. I'm not depressed, but I'm sure the heck not happy.

But we're both well fed, clothed, sheltered and completely in love with each other.

So all in all, I'd say that our life lately has been good.
...enough ...ish.

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