Saturday, November 8, 2008

Critters in the Hood

Twenty minutes ago we received a knock on our door from a woman we go to church with. Apparently she's had an odd smell in her car for the last several days, and traced the scent to the hood of her car... and found today that it was, to her worst suspicions, a dead animal. She doesn't "do" dead animals(and either would I!), she told Donald, and with her husband being in Iraq she desperately needed help extracting him from the top of her engine. We stood several feet away while Donald did the dirty work. The whole process took under 2 minutes, and it was absolutely hilarious.
Gross as it seems, it was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

Oh, and Donald deemed the creature to be chipmunk. Or maybe a squirrel? It was hard to tell, I guess, and I certainly wasn't going anywhere near the thing to make a positive ID on the species.

RIP, Mr. fluffy rodent thing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Spider in the Cupboard!

The storage in our kitchen is limited, to say the least. The designers of our military housing unit managed to make some the most awkward kitchen space I've ever encountered. One such storage nook is directly to the left of our dishwasher. I'll spare you the confusing verbal mapping, but suffice it so say that we have one very LARGE storage area that extends along/behind the dishwasher and has one very small cabinet door as an opening. What results is a complete lack or organization and me just throwing objects back in there, and then blindly groping around for what I need by feel.

Yesterday afternoon I needed the ceramic bowl/insert for our slow-cooker, so I could pop in a pot roast. After a full minute of groping, tugging, and maneuvering with my hand gripping the inside of our HUGE slow-cooker dish, I was able to pull it out and swing it up onto the counter.

What I found (pictured above... with hand at spider-level to illustrate just how GINORMOUS THE STINKER WAS) made me scream. Loudly. A lot. I quickly grabbed the lid and slammed it on top.

I still can't figure out what scared me more... the spider itself, or knowing that my hand was shoved inside that dish right next to it, recklessly fl0pping about, just asking to be bitten. I very well could have TOUCHED that beast and not have known it. Terrifying, right?
I left it in there until Donald came home from work several hours later, at which point he bravely took it outside and dumped it into the grass (and, against my very loud and adamant wishes, he did NOT step on, and grind it to bits)

I cooked the pot roast in the oven that night.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

He's Home He's Home He's Home!!

Okay, so he's actually been back for 11 days, but a lot has happened between then and now... so it definitely still feels like I just picked him up!

The ceremony was held at midnight on the 26th, and as of 2am-ish Sunday morning, he was back home!

...more pictures to follow!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our first holiday back together was fantastic!

He, true to character, went as a devil. I was his fallen angel. Not creepy at all, I know... but we sure looked cute, right?

With so many people having only been in town for a few days, all plans were very last minute. Ultimately, we ended up having a casual BBQ at our house. A handful of people came over with their kids and we stuffed our faces while playing Rock Band.

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