Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Crossed Over!

My ever faithful laptop, a mere 18 months old, took it's last breath recently. Having held vigil day and night, 24/7, ever waiting for the possibility of Donald getting online, my Toshiba Satellite pulled her own weight. Three chargers and two new batteries later, though, her life-source was faltering. To say she took her "last breath" is a bit dramatic, actually. The computer itself; the operating system and such; is still alive and kickin', and in perfect working order. It's the port where the charger plugs in that's toast. So basically, it won't charge. It's dead. A perfectly good computer... DOA.

Being here in Germany, my options for repair are limited. As soon as we move back Stateside, getting it fixed will be at the top of my agenda. Two G's down the drain would be a waste, so I'm saving her for brighter days.

Until then, though, I needed a trusty replacement.
A desktop, though, I decided.

So what did I rush out and get? Well, having never actually USED a Macintosh (Okay, maybe once. In high school. On my friend's dad's computer. For 20 minutes) of course I did the smart thing and got one. An iMac, to be specific. I did so based entirely on personal recommendations, rave reviews, and... hype.

It was a great decision. I've had it for two weeks. Now that the 15-day return policy is up, it's officially official. I love my iMac, and I don't foresee myself going PC again anytime soon.

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