Monday, July 27, 2009

Always a day away...

"Barring any unforeseen and unlikely catastrophes..."

Aaaand we will NOT be getting the house I blogged about.

From the start, we had problems with the sellers and/or their agent. They lied on the full disclosure statement and exhibited a lot of questionable behavior, but we decided to move forward because the house (or rather, the 1.2 acres it was on) was such a fantastic deal. There were a fair amount of repairs that needed to be done, and we agreed in writing to contribute a specific amount to said repairs. Until, that is, the final bid came back. It was several thousand dollars more than the estimate we signed off on, and we were suddenly expected to pay up.

In addition to the added expenses, our patience for shady behavior ran out.
We submitted the paperwork to back out, and then waited. Because we requested our earnest money back, both of our brokers had to review the situation and come to a decision.
Both agreed that we deserve to have it returned in full. Now, we wait again. Though both brokers agreed we should have it back, we're now in the sticky process of seeing that through. We're cautiously optimistic, but there's still a chance that it's gone forever.

We're temporarily homeless now. The closing date on that house was set as July 16, which has long since passed. I flew home ahead of Donald nearly 2 months ago to secure housing, yet here we sit in my mom's house as perma-guests. We put so much time, energy, effort, and money into a house that we expected to be living in by now, and now we get to start the process again from scratch.

The worst part is that Donald leaves for Arizona on August 20th, and there's no way we'll be in a new home by then. What's the significance of that? No home means no adoption home-study completed before he's gone for 5 months.

I'm beyond grateful that Donald has a steady and reliable job, but sometimes the sacrifices we make for the Army reach so much further than either of us ever expected. Starting our family will happen eventually, but from here it feels like it's always a day away...

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