Saturday, April 10, 2010


It has always been difficult for me to lose OR gain weight. With exception to brief periods of time when I've made significant "effort" in either direction, I've been roughly the same size since 7th grade. It's party a curse, and partly a blessing. As a Junior Higher I was always one of the fat kids, but as time has passed, the natural progression of age has caught up with my peers, and I'm increasingly more average. I've come to accept my body's love for maintaining homeostasis, haha. Ultimately, I've decided that if my body really likes a certain weight THAT much, then that's where God must have intended me to be. Mostly, I
've embraced my slight chub, and (with exception to reasonable issues I have with my arms) have found an odd affection for my chunkier bits.

When Donald deploys, however, things change. I always lose weight, and without significant effort on my own part. When Donald was deployed 2 years ago, I dropped over 20 pounds. I actually went to the doctor about it, because it was so uncharacteristic of me, lol.
I just... eat less when he's not around. Food isn't as much fun without a cute husband to share it with, I guess.

It's important to note that the weight loss is ALWAYS temporary. When hubby comes back to town and wants Enchiladas made with cream cheese every few days, my hiney grows back.

So what's the bad part about me losing weight?


I can hardly justify buying a new wardrobe for temporary weight loss, especially when I tend to only like more expensive jeans. (I'd like to pause here to note how ironic this is. I am cheap. DIRT CHEAP. I do NOT throw down money on clothing... with the only exception being JEANS. And, naturally, the only item of clothing that REALLY won't fit a
fter dropping weight is - you guess it: JEANS. Go figure)

This time around I'm down by about 14 pounds. Nothing crazy, but just enough to cause the sag. I have a couple pairs of jeans (bought last deployment) that fit good, but my recent favorites are bagging and sagging.
So, I'll enjoy being skinny-ish (for me, haha), and my saggy-butted-pants will remain as such, at least through the end of this summer, lol.


  1. that first picture looks like the weight loss pictures in all the commercials haha! I lost 60 pounds on Nutrisystem!

  2. Haha I know, right? I felt so cheesy taking that shot, but it was really the best way to illustrate the extra room in my tush-region, as I normally wear my jeans rather snug.

    But it definitely goes to show how silly and exaggerated those fad-diet weight loss claims are, because the jeans look UBER HUGE on me in that shot, but it's only been 14 pounds and a couple inches, lol.

  3. really - how is it that you can take a cutepicture of your behind! Camera pro! LOL

  4. IM SO FRICKEN JEALOUS!!! You are so dang skinny!!! MAN! You are motivating me BIG time. Keep posting, I need to be reminded of how fat I am. NICE JOB!

  5. Oh Kara you are so funny! And you are NOT fat! You're far buffer and leaner than I ever will be!


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