Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Wedding

One of my best friends was married on Halloween this year. For me, that came with the honor of being a bridesmaid.
Everything about the night (freezing temperatures while trying to take pictures on the dock aside), was picture perfect. Life is never dull with Crystal, and her wedding was no exception.

Here I am, on the left!:

Crystal and Marcus, the charming couple:

The dinner was so festive! The settings, decorations, and linens were just gorgeous.
(oop, and there I am again, ruining the shot!)

To Crystal: The most adventurous and beautiful bride I've seen in years.

Photography by


  1. This looks like fun! I'm so glad that you posted because I've been thinking about you lately. In fact, I had just been wondering how things were going for you just yesterday....glad to see that you are enjoying yourself! Any chance you will be joining us once again in the adoption arena? :-)
    Sending love from our family to yours,

  2. No adopting for us, unfortunately. At least not for many years, anyway.
    I'm not even allowed to utter the "A-word" around Donald anymore; he's jaded, and I can't blame him. He deploys in 6 months anyway, and finances are too tight to afford another country, so Ukraine in 2011 was our only shot. Such is life right now.

  3. That looks like Alderbrook to me, which is where my little sister got married in August! That resort is picture perfect for a wedding, and it looks like Crystal's wedding was! Congrats to Crystal!

  4. Awesome Katrina! It was so fun!


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