Monday, January 23, 2012

Gender Part 1

Baby A (or was it B? Eh, one of them) is a boy!

Twin B was a bit shy. We saw something, but said thing was not conclusively a boy-thing.
My pathological need to shop the baby girl isles has me holding onto hope that the undetermined thing we saw was merely a hand or other gender-neutral piece of anatomy, but we should know for sure next week.

Until then, Donald's taken to calling them his boys. And, after a particularly vivid dream last week of me conversing with two adorably chunky 2 year old boys in matching overalls, complete with their father's frontal cowlick on both, I've happily hopped on the "boys" bandwagon too.

We'll know soon enough though!


  1. This is wonderful, congratulations! Maybe you will get boy/girl twins like us! :-) Then, I can watch and be glad that we started out at age four! LOL...just kidding! You must be so excited and our family is excited for you too! Oh, I'm also hoping that you will be praying for us as we travel...we leave this Sunday! Yay! :-)

  2. So excited for you!! Youre pictures are too cute on here! you look amazing!


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