Friday, July 16, 2010

I Spoke Too Soon

Okay so... remember how excited I was to let everyone know that Donald was HOME?
Well, he was home.

He's actually been back in Arizona for over a week now.

He's still without orders.

For those not in the military, none of this probably makes sense. For those of you who are, well... it's probably EQUALLY nonsensical. We are in a completely bizarre and unheard of situation. He's just sitting in the barracks, not belonging to anyone. His orders, a few months ago (while he was deployed out of Arizona) were magically deleted.

Apparently the people in charge of making sure he GETS orders were/are completely incompetent. His branch manager (guy in charge of giving him orders) was preparing to retire from the Army... so he had apparently checked out LONG before Donald's situation was taken care of. For several weeks Sergeant Checked-out (as I like to call him) continually assured Donald that everything was being sorted out and that any day his orders would show up in the system.

...turns out not.

He's been back from his deployment for over 6 weeks now. He should have immediately (like, within a few days) come to Fort Lewis. Instead, after sitting in AZ for a couple weeks, he (wisely) decided to take leave (vacation) to come visit me.

So glad he did, too... because there's still no end in sight! NO ORDERS!

Aaaaaand I'm going bonkers.

12 and 15 month deployments? 6 month TDYs? 1 month training exercises? No problem! I understand it all! THIS NONSENSE, THOUGH?

...I need another ice cream sandwich.


  1. How frustrating!!! I would be so mad!! That is good he took leave to see you. Hang in there!! I'm so sorry that he has been gone so much for STUPID reasons, Army sucks sometimes. I love the ice cream sandwich, haha so funny. With all the deployments, its no wonder Army wives gain and lose weight all the time. Its an emotional roller coaster!

  2. that is ridiculous! i've never heard of that happening, not that i've heard details about military life for very long. but that's a big bummer. someone needs to get on that and give him some kind of orders. geez!

  3. BECCA! HOW DO YOU HAVE A BLOGGER ACCOUNT AND *NOT* A BLOG? Get on it! And Kara.. I know, right?! I am constantly getting fat... then skinny... then fat... then skinny... It's insane! My clothes are either hanging on me or squeezing, haha. Oh well, such is military life!


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