Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day Working Front Desk

I had a colorful day at work. I've worked in Kids' Club for 9 months, but today was my first time working front desk, and I worked the super-early shift. A crazy homeless man (who cheerfully admitted that he was just released from prison) came in before dawn (when I was the ONLY person working) and scared me. Then he came back later, got a guest pass from one of the membership counselors, and then proceeded to terrorize everyone within shouting distance.

This guy was easily 300 pounds.

He made a crude gesture and sound when I bent over to pick something up (not knowing he was walking up to the desk behind me).

He used a LOT of our hand sanitizer, which I thought was selfish and wasteful. There are only so many germs on even the grossest of hands.

He complained to me that two women talking were hurting his head and that they wouldn't shut up. The gentleman was rather angry with me because I wouldn't make them stop talking and/or ask them to leave.

He then threatened those lovely ladies, telling them he'd knock their heads off if they didn't shut up. Luckily they're tough cookies and have great senses of humor.


My calling is with children. I can NOT handle grown-ups. Especially the large, crazy, and criminal varieties.

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  1. haha OMGOSH! I would have been freaked out!! Thats pretty funny though if you think about it. Hopefully that wont happen again!


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