Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Speculation. Just Bad News.

Aren't they beautiful?

We didn't know it when we committed to them, but all 3 have hazel eyes of identical shades to Donald or I.

Several weeks ago we thought the adoption was over.

Then we had renewed hope.

Now, it's 100% official, and for the worse. We've withdrawn from the adoption process. No if's and's or but's. It's done.

We continue to hope and pray that U.krain.e allows children under 5 to be adopted again. When that time comes, I pray that Alyona (Brigitte) and Valeriya (Virginia) have families out there who will find them.

However, our adoption journey has ended. The universe has made it abundantly clear.

Reece's Rainbow is awesome. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. They're a blessing and truly do what they do for God's most favored and forgotten children.

We had 99% of the paperwork complete. We had every dollar needed to make it happen. But the reasons went so far beyond the tangible.
My iPhoto is filled with their pictures, along with Fletcher's. A very broken piece of my heart will always be reserved for 3 HIV+ orphans across the ocean who I will never get to hold.

I'm angry and miserable, but it is what it is.


  1. My heart aches for you. Oh how I miss things could have been different. You will make amazing parents one day. I am praying that some how you will be comforted during this difficult time in your lives. It just seems so unfair :(

  2. I'm so sorry. There aren't words.

  3. Katrina I'm so sorry. I pray for you and your husband that God gives you strength and peace.

  4. I'm so sorry and just sickened to hear the bad news! I really hope that somehow a new chapter opens in your life's book that will renew you and help you to start again on a new path. Sending prayers!

  5. Sorry I'm not being rude, but I dont and never will think giving up is the best option.
    Yes, youve had bad luck and my heart aches for you, and your little ones.
    But why dont you just consider not adopting through, rr with a blind referral?

  6. Anonymous -
    Giving up is NEVER a good option? So then, we shouldn't have given up on having biological children to adopt, when we were technically capable of doing so...? Or...?

    You don't know us or the situation. Or do you? From your comment, you appear to think you know us very well... but, well, you're anonymous. So who knows?

    And we don't want to do a blind referral. Nor do we want to adopt a child over 5. We have good reasons, all of which my friends and family are welcome to ask me personally about.

  7. I thought I left a comment when I first read this, but I don't see it so here goes again!

    My heart hurts for you guys. Whatever your reasons I am certain they are good ones. This has been such an awful roller-coaster for us, and we haven't been on this journey nearly as long as you have. I wish things had gone differently, I wish they hadn't changed the laws smack in the middle of our process, and I wish all these babies could find homes

    Best of luck in the future, whatever that may hold for your family!

  8. Oh, I'm so sorry for you! I found your blog through the adoption link on Mormon Mommy Blogs. I know you have your own reasons for being done and I don't blame you. It is incredibly difficult and heartbreaking. You have to follow the path that's right for you. No one else can determine what that path is. It's between you and the Lord. Good luck with everything.


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