Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holding on to Hope

Recent news coming out of Eastern Europe (through our facilitators and friends) has been very encouraging, in regards to HIV being added to the list of special needs that allow children under 5 to be adopted.

Many believe that HIV (along with many more conditions) will be added any day, and all are almost certain that it will be approved by October at the latest.

So there you have it. Reason to hope.
Nothing is ever certain in the country we're adopting from. Things change quickly and often, but even the women my mom works with here in Washington, who formerly lived in that country, say that the entire nation is in an uproar about the new restrictions, and that many politicians and citizens are speaking out against it.

I was finger printed for immigration last week, and Donald did his today. We should have approval any day, and I'm scrambling to amend a few documents that will allow me to travel alone in the event that Donald is deployed or has training.

We could be ready to submit within a week or two. If only the law changes.

So essentially, we are now waiting. Waiting for things to change - hopefully sooner rather than later. It's terrifying and, at times, very discouraging. But we will be ready.

Just look at these girls. Waiting and ready. If their cute little faces don't give me reason to hope, I don't know what could.

A huge thanks to Missy and Kim, who took these pictures of the girls while they were there meeting their little ones.


  1. Oh my goodness. They are adorable. Praying and hoping with you. These precious little girls need to get home to you :)

  2. They are beautiful and I'm not sure who is who but the little one in purple actually looks very much like you :) Can't wait to see HIV added to that list, praying for all those children

  3. Alyona LOVES the berries off the tree behind her..that is what she was doing...shoving about a hundred into her little mouth! lol...and "brigitte"..we nicknamed her chunky monkey...such a cutie.


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