Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Addition: Coming Soon! (edited on 1/23/11 for privacy)

(The country we're adopting from prefers that they remain anonymous until after finalization. For privacy reasons, I've gone through and edited things accordingly.)

Donald and I are thrilled to announce that we're adopting from eastern Europe! We've just started collecting documents and completing the mountains of paperwork, so we're still very early in the process. I debated for a while whether or not to go public now, or to wait... but ultimately I decided that there was NO way I could keep this much joy to myself. I stink at happy secrets.

So if, by chance, you've seen me bouncing around and full of smiles lately, you now know why!

We still have so much to accomplish, but the thought of our European angel coming home to us makes it all worth while. From start to finish, adoptions from this country usually take between 9-12 months. If that timeline holds true for us (things can easily change for the better, or for the worse) we should be bringing our kiddo home in early spring of 2011.

I've started a blog devoted to the progress of our adoption. You can find it at *blog removed*.
It will be heavy on technical aspects (forms, timelines, legalities, requirements, etc.), as I'm hoping to track things for the benefit of other families hoping to adopt.

All the warm and fuzzy bits will still be found here, though... so stay tuned!

We humbly ask that you keep us, and our baby, in your prayers. He or she has already spent too much of their life in an orphanage, and we're hoping to bring our "Little Winn" home as soon as humanly possible.


  1. YAAA!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. You will be a great too. I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers :)

  2. You will be a great Mother too... thats what I said. lol

  3. Katrina I am SO thrilled for you and Donald, what exciting news!!! I hope things work in your favor and you can bring your little one home soon!


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