Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shopping Complications

However trivial it may be, one of the most difficult aspects of Ukrainian adoption is that you don't specifically know the age or gender of the child until you arrive in country (at which point you are presented with several profiles of potential matches, much like you would normally do prior to traveling, with other countries). It's not like we don't have a say in things, but between the Ukrainian system and God's will... we could come home with just about anything, haha!
All we know is that Little Winn will be somewhere between 12 months and 5 years old.

So... pacifiers or preschool? Time will only tell! We'll be thrilled with either, but my obsessive compulsive planning/online-shopping has become a bit more complicated lately.

Thus far, these are the only safe purchases I've decided on, as they will be appropriate for any child in our age category.

1. A Britax Boulevard car seat (or seat with similar capabilities and features).
I've already decided to keep my kids rear-facing for as long as possible. It's far safer, and I'm cool with swimming against the cultural stream on this issue. The seat rear-faces to 35 pounds, so a 1-3ish year old would be well protected. It can then be used forward-facing, with 5 point restraints, to 65 pounds. As I also plan to keep my kids "locked down" in 5-points longer than most, a seat like this will work for any child in the age range we've applied for.

2. Toddler Bed. I googled crib mattress measurements. I also consulted a CDC growth chart. Any normal 1-5 year old will fit in one nicely. I know, I'm obsessive. I have extra time on my hands with Donald still deployed... so go easy on the judging ;-) . If we get a squirmy 1 year old, we'll pick up a pack n play. We also have a twin bed in the craft room, so if Little Winn turns out to be a gargantuan kindergartner, we're equally set.

The inability to fulfill my insatiable shopping-itch is a good thing. It forces me to keep things simple, and to keep pinching those precious pennies.

...because seriously, when Little Winn gets here, we're going to the mall, and staying until they kick us out. That requires lots of pinched pennies, I'll tell you what.


  1. I know rear facing car seats are safer, but when my little one is screaming in the backseat I always wish she was big enough to be forward facing so she doesn't think she is abandoned in the back and putting the binky in would be alot easier too : ) Good luck with the adoption, that's awesome Katrina!

  2. Yeah, there are definitely a lot of practical reasons for turning a kid around early, and I don't blame people. I've just watched enough carseat safety and crash-test videos on YouTube to haunt me at night if I didn't try my best. We'll see though... I try not to make too many commitments when it comes to things like this. I have the facts, but ultimately I'm gunna roll with whatever I feel is right when the time comes. Nobody likes an uptight parent. :-p

  3. so exciting!! I love your taste!

  4. Yay for adoption and rear-facing! I'm so happy for you two ;) I say look at the Sunshine Radian. It goes RF to 45lbs and FF to 100. Plus it folds for travel and has a steel frame. Good luck!


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