Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adoption Progress!

A small bit of progress was made in the adoption today.

We needed to get our home study tweaked to include additional approval for some special needs not initially written in, and for 2 weeks I had been emailing him about it.


I got myself VERY worked up, and of course took it personally. His assistant was responding to some of our other questions, but anything having to do with adding their needs in, and I got stone walled. Naturally, our social worker must be an avoidant flake who would crush any hope we had of bringing home our boys, by refusing to approve us for them.

I put my fierce momma bear face on, and give him a call.

He was very pleasant, and I appear to have been very wrong.

He had been out of the country.

Lesson learned: breathe, and never jump to conclusions.

(Oh, and he said their needs shouldn't be a problem! Hurray!)

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