Monday, January 31, 2011

Ninja Training in the Art of Patience

I'm safe and sound, home from Thailand. I'm missing it already, my dry skin in particular. The warmth and humidity suited it well. I fell miserably ill the night before my flight. Whether from the flu, something I ate, or just a really awful migraine-ish type episode, we'll never know. I also slept in that morning. Again, not sure how. Lucky for me, Momma Gailey was on top of things, and she got me up in time. I cried at the security checkpoint when I said goodbye to her. That's saying a lot, because I don't do tearful farewells. Even with Donald, I think I've cried maybe once at the gate. Heidi is an angel, and miss her already.
I'll be blogging the remainder of my trip soon. :-)

Three days after the onset of symptoms and I'm feeling much better. It's great to be back with Donald, too. His frequent deployments and training exercises have made me a separation champ, but ME leaving HIM for vacation was entirely different. I don't think I've ever missed someone like that. It was kinda freaky. It didn't help that he had minor surgery 5 days before I came home. Leaving the post-op care of my husband in the hands of friends probably added to my guilt a great deal, no doubt. Overall, I think he'll agree that it's nice to have me back.

Moving along...

We're currently waiting on the liquidation of our mutual funds for adoption costs. Apparently that takes a while. We pick up the check on Thursday. After its procurement, we must MAIL it in (we bank with USAA, and they have no physical locations), and wait for funds verification. That could be another day or three.

I am GREAT at waiting (uh, hellloooo? Army wife?). To call me a patience-NINJA is to speak absolute truth.
....but THIS? This is a real trial.
How do other adopting parents do it? It physically hurts to think about the extra days they're spending without me. They need me, and I want them. Isn't that enough for them to come home?

*dramatic sigh and frown-smile*

So... let the re-mastering of patience begin!

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  1. Oh my gravy the patience thing kills me. I'm not patient to begin with. When we're talking about waiting on my sons that are across the planet from me? My patience is GONE! I hate how people say "well, every day you're one day closer!" No. Every day is one more day that my sons have to wait in an orphanage without a family. Every day is one more day I walk past their room without them in it.


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