Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Impending Parenthood and Gifts

Yesterday evening I told Donald how much I loved my new sports bra (random tmi, but it's essential to blog-plot development).

Said bra was expensive.

We began debating on what event or milestone would justify me purchasing a 2nd.

"Maybe if you're good, for your birthday..."
My birthday isn't until December.

*Sudden realization*
I'm going to be a mommy soon!! I totally qualify for Mother's Day demands!!

Donald agreed, but suggested my choice in gifts was old. A sport's bra? Yeah, that's old.

He then complained that it was similar in style to the anniversary gift I got for him (Powertools - picked out by him. Lest you think I was unthoughtful, consider how little I know about powertools! I knew he wanted and needed them, and I didn't want to screw that up!!).

Out of rebellion, I then assured him that I plan on spending an insane amount of money (a relative term around here) on him for Father's Day, without input on his part!

*2nd sudden realization*
...we'll be meeting the boys around Father's Day.

"Happy $25,000 Father's Day, Donald! Welcome to parenthood!"

Beat that for gift giving.

Never a dull moment. <3


  1. We had court on the day before Aaron's birthday, two days before Lena's birthday. They had rather expensive birthday gifts too. ;-)

  2. Someone made a donation to our FSP on my birthday-when I saw it I just couldn't help but think that was the GREATEST birthday present ever : )

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  4. You beyond qualify for a Mother's Day gift! <3


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