Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mortgage Document Drama

Just a boring adoption paperwork update today.

We received our "proof of mortgage" document in the mail today.
The one that I emailed a SPECIFIC form for... to be signed and notarized. The super simple one.

That they didn't send me.
They sent us a cruddy photocopy of some random mortgage document that had nothing even remotely to do with what we requested.

Not surprised... but still upset.

I kinda understand if they wrongly believed they couldn't complete it, but why not just TELL me that or ask me for further details, instead of doing something so OBVIOUSLY different from what I requested? Our mortgage company is making tens of thousands of dollars off of us... but they can't sign a form, or at least have the guts to tell us they can't and/or won't?

Did they think I wouldn't know the difference between the signed form I requested and the random pieces of paper they carelessly mailed me? lol.

Sorry. A little irritable over here today. :-(

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