Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lil Update

Here's a bit of what we've been up to:

Monday 3/21 - Attended our friend Grover's wedding, at which Donald was the best man. He and Renee were looking gorgeous! So was Donald, I might add.
(Crummy phone pictures ftl. Sorry)

Tuesday 3/22 - mailed our request to Pierce county for certified marriage certificates for the dossier.

Tuesday 3/22 - Called Pierce County about our proof of home ownership form for the dossier. Got transferred from office to office until they just stopped answering my questions or picking up the phone entirely.

Tuesday 3/22 - Emailed our mortgage company for Mortgage Verification (or whatever it's called) for the dossier.

Wednesday 3/23 - Received an email from our mortgage company verifying that the document had been mailed! (Kinda nervous about this one being done correctly... I'll update later)

Thursday 3/24 - Went down to the Pierce County offices. Got sent from one office to another. Long story short, they told me they absolutely could NOT fill out or sign ANYTHING verifying we were the owners of our property. Final compromise? Kinda makes me laugh. They signed a document stating that all the characteristics of the home (sq footage etc.) and that we were "the taxpayers" of said property. Never underestimate the ability of government to complicate things.

Friday 3/25 - Received marriage certs in the mail! FAST! woot woot!

Friday 2/25 - Filled out our WA state criminal clearance paperwork for the dossier. Will be mailing them out tomorrow!

Saturday 3/26 - Had our FINAL (and LONG overdue) home study visit (which was about 20 minutes from start to finish... grumble grumble smile) After much frustration, all we're waiting on for homestudy completion is Donald's CPS clearance from California. Having previously been asked only for Washington state (where we live) ones, that was a frustrating addition to paperwork. Good news though??? Within TWO days of the clearance coming back, we should have the completed study in our hands! (well, in our inboxes... same-same)



  1. After all that with the home study people it seriously only took them 20 minutes?? That's ridiculous! I'm so glad you're getting closer and closer to bringing home your boys!!!

  2. You've been very productive! So close!


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