Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mutual Fund Liquidation!

The check for our mutual funds for retirement what were our mutual funds will be ready for us to pick up tomorrow! The liquidation process took a bit longer than we expected, and tomorrow's the day!


(Reverent and P.C. terms are not my forte. I'm working on this)

The check then must be SNAIL MAILED into our bank for verification and cashing. I'm not sure how long the verification process is. You'd think I woulda asked, but the answer wouldn't matter. It will take however long it takes. I'm guessing a few days?

Then we can FINALLY mail in our initial payments for adoption facilitation and such.


  1. I found your blog from the yahoo group but I have to say AMEN to not always being so PC about adoption. I cracked up at the "baby money".

  2. Katrina- if I am going to follow you blog with updated posts about the adoption journey, should I be following this one of the other one? Kelly

  3. Kait, thank you! I frequently find myself complaining to my husband about how "dang expensive these boys are", and when people ask if we have kids I tell them we have a down payment in on some import models. It is what it is!

    KC, this one. Since we've committed to the boys through Reece's Rainbow, we've decided to roll our adoption into this blog, instead of keeping a separate one.

  4. Got it, thanks. Looking forward to your boys getting home. They are so freaking cool.

  5. That's hilarious! My husband and I are going to use that.

    We have two daughters who are biracial (adopted domestically) and whenever someone looks at us weird or makes a comment about how our daughters don't look like us, my husband will shrug and say "I don't know what happened either!"


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