Thursday, June 23, 2011

Credit Card Fraud

To the sleazy individual who spent $537 at a crappy plus sized clothing store with MY credit card information:

You are obese, a thief, and have terrible taste in clothing.
I have fraud protection.
are a hopeless failure.

Best of luck in life,
Your intended victim.


  1. Oh honey. You can't catch a break can you?

  2. Oh, that's just rotten of them! Yay for fraud protection though.

  3. That happened to me too! Someone was trying to buy stuff at k-mart and game stop, all for well over the limit on my card. Thank goodness for fraud protection!

  4. This post made me laugh at the slight humor you put on it! But that sucks! someone did that with my brothers card once and spent 800 dollars at quiznos!! What the heck...and what a random place to spend that much money!

  5. That happened to me too but it was flower delivery, and a porn site!!! gack! My husband was calling me from the bank saying "um....why did you spend 500 at at 2am??" ha!

  6. lol...I didnt realize till I commented about that we didnt know till later about the flowers and porn site! yeah, try explaining the porn site to the bank...the criminal had all my info and had signed up with MY name! fun.

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