Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toyota's 100 Cars for Good

Hey everyone!

I have a ginormous favor to ask of anyone reading today.

Actually, it's a very tiny favor that will make a ginormous difference!

Toyota is giving away 100 free cars to worthy non-profits in need. 1 car, every day, for 100 days! Today, Project Hopeful is competing against 4 other organizations, and are (as of now) in 2nd place by only 2%! As many of you know, Project Hopeful helps to educate and encourage people who care for children with HIV or are considering adoption, while spreading the facts about the virus via their Truth Pandemic campaign.
Winning a car would enable Project Hopeful to carry their cause across the country, spreading their message through workshops and presentations, to as many people possible!

The voting is only open TODAY - so hurry on over!

Everything is done through Facebook, which is nifty. Make sure you're logged in, then click on :

Then cast your vote for Project Hopeful!

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