Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paris White Foundation

I don't have much time to blog. It's a beautiful day and we're going to enjoy it!

However, I want to share this video quickly. Deanna White lost her daughter Paris to drowning several years ago. Every day, she comes in to the gym where I work (where she also teaches), and I watch her two youngest daughters. 19 months later, at 90 minutes a day, they have me wrapped around their tiny fingers.
I never met Paris, but if her two younger ones are any indication of how Paris was, then a very beautiful part of the world is missing today.

The White family refused to let their daughter's passing be in vain, and today the Paris White Foundation provides life jackets in public swimming areas, and to those in need.

So while the weather is warming up and we flock to water, remember little Paris (and her family, who misses her so), and all the other angels whose lives have been lost due to drowning. Create a buddy system, always keep your eyes on them, and put them in life jackets.

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