Friday, July 15, 2011

Bittersweet News... and Discouragement

The country we were adopting from (are adopting from?) has decided to keep their adoption program open after all. PHENOMENAL, right?
Except that children under 5 - our girls - are not adoptable anymore.
Kids with special needs are adoptable, but HIV does not yet meet their definition of SN for this purpose.

Hours before we received the email, Donald and I made the official decision to move on - from adopting at all for now. We were putting it behind us. My heart couldn't take much more, and potential deployments in the near future was the deciding factor - we simply didn't have time to complete a new adoption, from a different country, before he left.

Then... wow. Nothing is ever certain in our world, lol. The email arrived.

So then, with little hope that we'd be allowed to bring home the girls, we had all but decided to adopt a sweet 5 year old boy (who lived in the same orphanage as the boys we were previously hoping to adopt). We were just days away from submitting the official paperwork for him.
Until suddenly, he wasn't listed anymore. We soon discovered his posted birthday was inaccurate, and that he was also too young.

The upside:

It is looking increasingly likely that HIV might be added to the list of approved conditions for the adoption of those under 5 (STOP - insert me leaping joyfully here). However, it's still far from certain, and the time-line for when it may be approved is equally unknown.

We've also recently learned that Donald may be deploying this October, rather than next June.
We're waiting on official word.

And he'll be in Arizona from early August through late September for training. So, if HIV is approved and we're allowed to adopt the girls, then we'll go for it even though I may have to travel alone for the trip, and *possibly* bring them back to a home where daddy is in Afghanistan. FAR from an ideal situation, but having a deployed daddy is far better than being an orphan, right? That's the conclusion I came to, anyway.

We're frantically praying that U-country adds HIV sooner rather than later, because once Donald is deployed there will be no way for us to get the appropriate paperwork updated and/or amended (things such as physicals and notarized copies of his passport).

Time and hope feels like it's slipping through out fingers.
I just want our kidlet(s) home - whoever, and wherever, they may be. I'm ready to stop worrying and writing depressing blogs about the process and HAVE THEM IN MY ARMS instead!

Eventually. In His time.


  1. Praying and hoping for you guys too! Just think how amazing it will be when you FINALLY get your kiddos (it may even be that your kids are ones you've never even heard of yet from a way you never even considered) You can honestly tell them that you've faught and prayed and put every ounce of yourself into getting your kids home. Not many people are able to say that they wanted to have children so much that they were willing to go through everything you have. I just know that, as you said, in His time you will be blessed with children. You are AMAZING! BTW I would prefer girls because then I can leave my world of trucks and planes and buy something frilly and purple, but you know, boys are good too :) -Megan H

  2. This is the way I feel. So uncertain, wanting to be hopeful but fearful. I just want to figure it out one way or the other--yes we can do it or not we cannot. This uncertainty is a killer, isn't it?


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