Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dirty Dash

Donald "competed" in a local mud-run with a large team from CrossFit Infusion on Saturday.

I'm still not sure how he and our friend TJ ended up wearing super hero underoos for the event.
All I know is this - we ran into Walmart that morning, hoping to find cheap board shorts he could destroy without guilt. Instead, we left with Captain America man-panties (and The Flash ones for a friend).
The moment we laid eyes on them, it seemed like an AMAZING idea, and we headed to the register without hesitation.
Then they put them on.
Donald's ghetto booty was half-hanging ala' Victoria's Secret style the ENTIRE day. I'll be saving these pictures for posterity, believe it.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the "real" camera, so you won't be enjoying his tooshie in high definition. I know. My apologies.
I'm always impressed with the iPhone's pictures though. They turn our pretty well, for camera phone images.

The day's events, in chronological-ish order:

Donald and TJ. Mud-Run Studs.

We unexpectedly ran into my cousin Laurel too! What a nice surprise :-)

Alright, enough eye-candy for one day.


  1. This is hilarious! Looked a lot of fun, and I'm always surprised with how well iPhone pictures turn out too! Always to my pleasant surprise they're not all that bad!

  2. SO Funny!! My husband recently did the Tough Mudder, and he shaved his hair into a mowhawk (they were doing them for free on site) and spray painted it orange! I wasn't there because I was out of town visiting my inlaws so I don't have any pictures. These are awesome! lol!

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