Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter Night

On Thursday, in the hours prior to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I had a little Harry Potter-themed shindig at my house.

I created a make-shift night sky in the dining room, likened unto Hogwart's great hall, dressed up like a Ravenclaw student, and made various HP treats to feed on.

It was nothing too exciting and the crowd was modest, but it was one of the BEST NIGHTS OF MY LIFE.

Oh, and the cursed lightning bolt scar? It just might have been permanently tattooed there that morning. Or might not have. That's up to you to decide.

Pictures from that night: (sorry for low picture quality on some of these. My friend Erin and I quickly snapped a few pictures, but we were too busy partying to be worried with photography. The better of the photos were thanks to her. :-)

I "enchanted" the my dining room to reflect the night sky, just as in the great hall.
(It's a really dark picture, but shows up a bit better when enlarged. ENGORGIO!)

Can you see me in my Ravenclaw uniform? In the back, toward the left? I think I'm clearing something yummy out of my teeth.


Chocolate Frogs!

Adorable Peppermint Toads! Deliciousness evidenced by half of its body's absence.
Tutorial found here.

Cauldron Cakes. Pam arrived early and made the delicious frosting for me.

The problem with throwing a party 7:30pm in the summer is that it's bright outside, making a "magical" environment tricky. Simple fix: duct tape trash bags into the windows.

So here are things prior to trash bags and lights out:

My "little" cousin Gray Draco Malfoy, helping with the enchanted ceiling.

More of Gray, sporting one of the sweet Dark Mark tattoos I found on Etsy.

The Jesus picture in the entryway took one for the team that night, and had a HP wanted poster taped on top. Who wouldn't sacrifice for a Harry Potter party though, right? Surely not our Savior.

Um, pretend the random Spider Man glass wasn't there.
Mmmm Pumpkin Bread.

Me. 3am, post-movie. A blotchy pink, swollen, makeup-smeared mess.
I had sobbed for about 20 minutes in the theater, so there you have it.


  1. awesome dude you house is hogwarts castle lol it really looks like it

  2. that most have took a long time to put together
    and the floating candles and the customs and that dark mark tattoo its so cool

  3. and im never going to visit this site again because i have cooler site to get on

    i made it long

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    fill up now fill

    it is big muahahahhahhahahah


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