Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Study Problems

We are having issues with our home study. I unfortunately don't have the energy to rehash all the details. It's draining just to think about (and I'm sure it'd be equally draining to read).

Here's a highly edited version of what's been going on:

My requests to have approval for specific medical needs in the home study were ignored. My first request was made 4 weeks ago.
I asked that a form be signed and faxed to Reece's Rainbow. I was ignored.

I called him while I was in Thailand and asked what was up with the document, and if he was comfortable approving us for their needs. He was pleasant and enthusiastic, and completely reassured me that everything was fine and he was comfortable with it all, and would be sending it out immediately and sending me an email that same day.

...not so much, at least on the email part. All I got was CRICKETS.

I emailed him today asking, in more assertive terms, if the form had been sent. He assured me it had. The validity of that statement remains to be verified, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that it WAS sent, and he merely failed to notify me of it.

We've been told that we hadn't submitted paperwork (when our outbox proved otherwise). Upon receiving said proof, they admitted what *really* happened was that the documents didn't open properly... but if important documents don't open, dontcha think you should notify the senders, instead of sitting around for SEVERAL WEEKS, hoping they'll magically know to re-send them?

It finally appears that everything is getting cleared up and on track, so hopefully we'll have a completed home study in our hands within a week or two, and our INS 1-600a paperwork can be sent ASAP.

Our check from the mutual funds was sent to our bank on Thursday. It was likely received Saturday, and now we're waiting on funds verification. The second the money shows up, more documents will be mailed out and we'll have pictures to post online!

It's difficult to remain upbeat when SO many things manage to go wrong simultaneously, but I'm sure trying. Circumstances might be out of my direct control, but my attitude is entirely up to me.

I just wish time would move faster!


  1. Hi Katrina! I have a great amount of empathy and understanding of how you are feeling right now. I'm sort of at a standstill until others get things in order as well.

    Can I offer you some fast melt cherry Tums? : ) Lately, they are my BFF.

    Can't wait to see those handsome boys HOME!

    Kindest Regards


  2. That is so frustrating! Hang in there. My grandma has this saying "if it's meant to be, it's up to me." Keep doing what you're doing and it will work out in time! I can't wait to see your little ones!


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