Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Need a New Name!!

Admittedly, I'm not the most creative blogger (but not the drabbest either, I'd hope), and for the life of me, I CANNOT come up with a new name for this blog.

With a name like "Winn", you'd think my options would be limitless. Oh, the many "win, winners, winning" possibilities, right? False. I've thought of every winning combination, all of which sound genius in the planning phases, but once typed out, are awful in an I'm-trying-way-too-hard sort of way.
Our old adoption blog's name... ahhh, now it was perfect. However, it directly mentioned the country we're adopting from, and now that we're no longer accepting a blind referral from said nation, we can no longer specify their country until after the adoption is finalized.

Besides, we decided not to keep a separate adoption blog anyway. It didn't make much sense, when the process is completely consuming all aspects of our lives, right? People don't come to this blog because Donald and I are otherwise interesting. Nope, they want adoption updates, and who could blame them.

The only Winn-related title I've considered is a "FTW" variation, similar to our old adoption blog.

"Love: For The Winns!"
"Adoption: For The Winns"
And if I DID go with a "FTW" theme, how would I work the punctuation when it has dual meaning? Or do I omit punctuation altogether?

I am trying way too hard here, and it shows. Please, I need help! I refuse to be "The Winn Family" forever!

I'm trying on "Love: It's For The Winns" for size.
I'm fickle. No promises. But I really like it.
For now.
Thanks, dear Molly. :-)


  1. How about
    Adopting A Pair Of Winn-ers
    adopting our winners
    David and Cody, a winning pair
    Adoption: It's For the Winns

    I like using the For The Winn theme, it's cute.

    Naming a blog is SO hard. I had two other blogs before my curent one. And I totally want to change my current name. haha.

    Idk, this is harrrrrd.

  2. The Winning Team! I kind of wish I had your last name, because "Our Winning Team" is way more awesome than Team Parker.

  3. Oooh I like that too! I'm so rotten with decisions. I'll probably end up making Donald decide. I'm still gladly taking suggestions!!

  4. toll for winn ? no? ahhh, come on!

    Ok, seriously, how about winntheday. Winn the day. Actually in the dictionary. Means to be victorious in battle. I contend that your journey to adopt is a battle for two precious souls.


  5. How about "Love Winn's" (Love wins)



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