Friday, February 25, 2011

Better Than A Written Entry

I have nothing to blog today, but I ran across this video, and thought I would share.
Just pretend that this woman is me.
Because there's nothing she says here that I could hope to put better.

11 minutes long.
She's adopted several children, one of whom is a little girl from Ukraine who is HIV+.

Also, I've added this video to our "HIV" tab for future viewing.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great video. I will probably share it on my blog too.

  2. Also, would you mind emailing me at

    I would love to talk to you about a few things.

    Bytheway, I love your name.

    From Katrina Rae (named after my father) I don't have as catchy as a last name though.

  3. You know she's a RR mom too right? I hadn't seen this video before but I LOVE it!


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