Thursday, February 17, 2011


Looks like I dropped my keys in Donald's truck when went to Target last night. This became apparent when I attempted to defrost my car 10 minutes before departure. Kinda hard to do if you don't have keys.

Called boss (to avoid appearing as if I simply slept in).
Called Donald (no answer. Sent a text. Called again).
Dealt with dogs FREAKING OUT because their routine was disrupted.
Donald called back.
Suspicions confirmed.
No keys for me.
Sure, we have a spare...
On Donald's keyring. Naturally.

Called boss back. She seemed understanding.

...But oopsies like this can be devastating when you work an hourly position in which you are highly replaceable.

But on the bright side, the house will finally get cleaned and I can catch up on emails.

Lately, when I find myself stressing out, I play the "worst case" game. It never fails.

Absolute WORST case scenario:
I get fired, and just find another low paying job for the remaining few months I have being a wage earner.

My house is getting cleaned today. It could be sooo much worse. :-)

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  1. Katrina,
    I love your blog. As a member of the LDS church I am impressed with your links to the church information! Good job. I do not have a blog but I enjoy reading others occasionally. your Boys are adoreable. We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and have just changed our perameters to include 2 HIV+ children. We are so excited to get our kids home.
    Also thanks to your husband for serving our country! I am so gretful to all the soldiers!

    Annadel Nelson- You can find me on the HIVadoption yahoo group


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