Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seeking a Mommy and Daddy

Meet Alex,

Alex is 2½, and lives with our boys in the same orphanage. Those who've met him say he's sweet, friendly, and cognitively on target. He is HIV+, but is otherwise believed to be healthy. PLEASE do not let his HIV status prevent you from considering him. He is such a sweet little boy who so desperately deserves a family, and children with HIV are healthy and can have average life expectancy if only they're given access to basic medical care.

Alex has a very special place in my heart, and I want to see him adopted. He's the youngest boy currently available for adoption in his orphanage, and every day that I see him listed without a family is one day too long.
He has light brown hair and blue/green hazel-ish eyes... seriously folks, this lil guy is cute, cute, CUTE!

I want him to find his Mama and Papa so badly.
...could he be your son?

For more information about Alex, look here.
You can also email me personally or message me on Facebook, and I can tell you more about him and put you into contact with the right people.


  1. I just recently found your blog. I also have a passion for the beautiful little hiv+ children on rr. I have been pining over Alex for awhile. Please email me (I can't find your email address on your blog). sunnydaisyliz at yahoo . ca
    Thanks! Liz

  2. Oh if we weren't in the middle of adopting the two cutest little boys in all of Africa, I'd be on this like you read about. He is so cute.

  3. Please please someone adopt him I've been praying for him for awhile his cute little face just breaks my heart, I can't wait for the day his sweet face shows up on the my family found me page!!!


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