Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carseat Geek Fulfillment

Brigitte has a carseat!

Let me preface this entry by telling everyone what a huge nerd I am about car seat safety. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death, overwhelmingly, for children under the age of 14. As a parent-in-waiting, I plan on taking a few simple steps to prevent my kids from becoming victim to that reality. I couldn't live with myself if the unthinkable happened, knowing that I could have potentially prevented it.
Some have questioned why I'm even bothering to purchase a carseat for an almost-4-year-old child (she can just be in a backless booster, can't she?), but it's then that I remind people how legal standards and cultural norms don't necessarily equate to safety.
It wasn't long ago that even seat belts weren't mandated, and booster seats? Har har! What paranoid parents!

So here's what we just purchased, via :

It normally MSRPs for $279 (uh, no thank you!), but is regularly on sale for $209 (Amazon is always a good bet). However, thanks to the Extended Rear Facing group on BabyCenter, I found a coupon code, stackable on sale items, that brought it down to $167. Oh, and free shipping.

The Britax Frontier has the highest 5-point restraint capabilities, both for height and weight, on the market. She'll fit in the harness well into the school age years. After that, it converts into booster mode up to 64" and 120 pounds. Shoot, if I went on a diet I could use this thing!

I'm super excited. Sadly, the only sacrifice I had to make was fabric color. Simple, sophisticated, plain ol' black was soooold out.

Bummer! The tan looked gross, IMO, so I went with the lesser of evils available: Cowmooflage.

Aside from the obvious safety features, my favorite thing is that you can adjust the harness height without having to re-thread the seat. Anyone who's had to undo a rock-solid carseat install to re-thread a seat knows how awesome that feature is.

If anyone wants to learn more about the benefits of keeping your kids harnessed beyond the toddler years, here are a few videos I've found that I like. I'll warn you though, they mention children who have died in boosters... terribly sad, and entirely preventable. :-(

 has a coupon code you can stack on top of sale items right now. If you go to (their sister-site) and add a small filler item for a dollar or two, you can then add the code MAKEMYDAY for greater savings. The code will work without adding a item, but the discount increases further if you do. A savings of 40ish percent and free 2 day shipping?! You can't beat that! ...just wanted to share! :-D Hopefully someone else can get good use out of this awesome sale & code combo!


  1. Great deal. Is Virgina too small for this car seat? I am trying to remember how much our car seat goes up to. I think it is 60 pounds and Nevaeh is only at 35 so we have a way to go until we need to purchase another one. But I will definitely look into this when it comes time.

  2. Your a girl after my own heart. I have been regularly freaking out for months, thinking about driving around eastern europe with our precious little one sans car seat : /


    GREAT score on this seat! WTG K!



  3. Definitely not a paranoid parent in waiting. My nine and 10 year olds (both the same size) just graduated out of their 5 point harness car seats (Britax Regents). I saw no point in putting them in anything less while they still fit into them. I think you're going to love the Britax seats, and especially the cowmooflage print (we have that print in an infant seat, and it's sooo cute!). :)

  4. Thanks so much for the info...I just ordered one for Jack! We already had a Britax but he has almost outgrown thanks again. You are not just another beautiful lady...but a very smart & helpful one too! Love, Teresa & Jack!!!

  5. This is a great seat! You will love it! We have it for our 5.5 year old and I recently got one for Dasha. Britax are THE BEST!


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