Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paperwork and Pink Things

Oh my heck,
We are almost there.

Hoping for immigration approval soon. We submitted our 1600a on April 26th, and our homestudy was received nearly 2 weeks ago, yet we STILL have not received fingerprinting appointments. We're hoping to get the letter Tuesday, walk in on Wednesday, and have approval by next week.

Oh, and we just might be doing what's called a "married single" adoption. This essentially means that I would be traveling to Ukraine alone. Why? Because Donald has training in August that he CAN NOT get out of. On our current timeline, we would most likely get a travel date in late July or early August. Yes, we could petition for a new date, but Donald's training won't be complete until mid-September... do we really want to wait THAT much longer? Nope, so we're looking into me flying solo. Literally. Heh.

On a lighter note, I'm having fun filling my online shopping carts full of frilly things. Once we have an SDA appointment we'll actually purchase, but for now I'm contently window-shopping my heart out.

Oh, and I reeally love matching them, a lot. If I they can cutely coordinate, I'm sold.

(the colors look slightly off, but they match in person)

I could get myself into a lot of trouble shopping for little girls. Good thing my husband's a financial grinch. We balance each other out.


  1. Oh the shopping is soo much fun. With our first adoption I would shop on my lunch brakes. Let's say our daughter Geneiveve has so many clothes she good until she's 5, lol. Not really.
    Good to hear your going to be able to get your babies sooner.

  2. Carters (at Kohls and in the Carters stores) has coordinating things for big girls and little girls. :) Just sayin'. LOL Its fun to shop for girls, especially after two boys and trying to walk that fine line between thug and nerd. :)

  3. Hello :) Can you explain what is involved with adopting as a "married single"? That might work out for us if we decide to adopt. Thanks so much!

  4. Do you have a friend or family member that could make the trip with you?

    If I can get my husband on board with the adoption I'll have to travel alone too as he is unable to fly (and there's no real easy way to get to Ethiopia without flying).

    My mom has already volunteered to go with me. Not sure if I would be the one footing the bill for her travel or not. Considering the amount of help she'd probably be able to give, I'd likely come out ahead if all I paid for was her travel expenses!

  5. Candice pauloskiJune 5, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    I have been welling up with tears of joy seeing all the pretty things that you have bought for the girls. My husband and I had a soft spot for little Brigitte as she could have been our daughter Autumn's twin. Although we are far from being ready to adopt I prayed for her every day, and the fact that you are getting her so soon along with another little one is more than I prayed for.... can't wait to see and hear more about little Brigitte!

  6. Anonymous - I'm still learning about the process myself! If you want to email me - katrinamaye.w (at) gmail (dot)com, I can pass on what I know (which again, is limited at this point). :-)

    Jessica - My mom would be MOOOOORE than willing to come along, but I haven't yet decided whether it'd be worth A.) the added cost (though honestly, she'd be willing to buy her own ticket for the chance at going), and B.) the difficult balancing act between allowing grandma to love on her new grandbabies, while still establishing to two very confused little girls that I'M their mama and primary caregiver.
    It's definitely going to be a tough call.
    I hope you can get your husband on board soon ;-)

    Candice - I love knowing that you were praying for, and caring about her! We lost the referrals for two little boys who I prayed for every day. They weren't meant to be ours, but I know God had me loving them for a reason. :-) Love and prayer can really make the difference for these kids, whether they know it or not.


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