Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Healthy Children" Under 5 No Longer Adoptable

We got word that today, in the nation we're adopting from, a law was passed which prohibits any children under the age of 5 without special needs from being adopted by foreigners.

Whether to count HIV as a special need seems obvious from my perspective, but the jury is still out in Eastern Europe.


  1. I would figure that if they are harder to place children that they can't get people in their own country to adopt than they should be considered "special needs". Of course I think all children who do not live in a permanent loving family are in "special need" of one. Praying for you guys.

  2. This is so frustrating.

    I understand wanting to try to find the children families in their home country; however, they've got to have a good idea of how many locales are looking to adopt. If that's not enough, open it to other countries.

    I get so frustrated with supposed child welfare systems that put rules in place that are supposed to help children but just succeed in keeping them institutionalized until they are so old that their chances of being adopted are almost zero.

  3. I'm just breathing through this and waiting to hear what the deal is. I am trying not to get angry as children continue to wait, and mommies like you have to worry.


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