Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chugging Along

I "fixed" our unruly scanner this morning! No more sending expensive faxes to get our documents approved before apostilling (? Please, can someone verify the correct spelling? I've read it 7 different ways and the dictionary has no opinion).

So this morning I'm scanning $80 worth of dossier documents (our CSPs and POAs) to our state-side facilitator (Nancy! She's wonderful!), and hopefully this afternoon I will be sending all our documents obtained in Washington off to be apostilled.

We still have a few simpler documents to notarize and aposstile, but we'll be doing them on Fort Lewis, for FREE (we love free!) and thus will be sending them of to Washington DC for aposstiling instead of Washington state.


  1. The words "Apostille", "Apostilling" don't seem to exist except in this crazy place (the adoption world)!

    Keep on keeping on friend!

  2. Praying the next few days go smoothly for you.


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